About Kara

Coming from a broken home in the 60’s, where my Father Tom raised four girls from the ages of 5, 7, 12 and 16 meant that while life could be hard at times without a mother, we had amazing grandparents who were my dad’s folks. They were the most Loving couple, who taught us about Unconditional Love and laughter.

We used to visit our Nana and Fafa (my older sister couldn’t say Grandfather when she was little, so Fafa came about….quite cute) every fortnight, as we were in the city and they were in the country.

I knew from an early age that my Nana was a medium, as I was bought up listening to hers and my dad’s amazing stories. She had an uncanny way of just knowing things. Many times I would talk to her and just have that “safe” feeling, that all would be ok. She was an amazing woman, who was so full of love and understanding.

Often my Dad and I would sit at our kitchen table at home and just talk about religion, psychic matters and especially ghosts. I always had questions and somehow, he always had the answers. I was bought up to be very opened minded.

As a child, I so clearly remember knowing certain things about people and would often be asked “Who told you”, (which I still get asked, lol). One of my favourite memories of my childhood is when I went to school and told my friends how they would have certain colours around them. I could easily see them and I often wondered why they couldn’t see what I was looking at. For a while I was quite the entertainer, but little did I know that at 7, I was actually seeing their Aura.

Seeing Spirits was also just part of what was normal to me, but with it being the 60’s, I was told to keep quiet about my abilities and beliefs, because people just didn’t understand. While this at times made me feel very different to others, the day came when I realised that there were people around just like me. I’m glad that I’m not 7 anymore and that times have changed. At 17, I went off to learn Meditation which really was the start of a lifetime of study in Spiritualism.

I have an incredible family, all who have different abilities. I inherited the same gifts as my paternal grandmother, father and mother.

The people in our street where I lived as a child, thought that my mother was a witch, because of things that she said and did. I think her abilities scared quite a few of the neighbours. Today, psychic ability is well known, but back in the 50’s & 60’s people weren’t as open as they are nowadays.

One of my sisters and I would sit up for hours late at night talking about ghosts that we could see and scaring ourselves half to death. Our bedrooms were beside each other and one night we were knocking on our walls to each other, just being silly really, until I heard very loud knocks, but it wasn’t her, as she had just walked through my door. I now know that is called “Rapping’s” (Spirit knocking).

In 1979 I was very blessed to be married to a wonderful soldier, who is an incredible Motivational Speaker, Medium, Healer and a Kinesiologist. Our children are also blessed with psychic/medium abilities. So, it is well and truly throughout my family. May I say that keeping a secret in our family is virtually impossible, someone always knows what it is that is bothering you?

I have been in the field professionally now for well over 27 years. In saying that though, I was raised to have awareness of Spiritualism from birth, even though we were baptised Church of England. In my youth I attended many traditional Churches and a few different Faiths, so I could seek and discover my own beliefs for myself. I was very lucky to have been allowed to have this wonderful choice at such an early age, but I never left my beliefs in Spiritualism.

About 21 years ago I started my radio career with 4AK Toowoomba. I was an invited guest for an afternoon, and because of the public response, I ended up having a weekly programme for several years.

My radio programmes and writing have always been to help people in the best way that I can and it is a service that I give to the public. The title that I prefer to call myself is a Life Path Consultant. I like to look at a person’s Path in life through their Astrology, Numerology, the Palm, the Aura and Metaphysics (philosophy), and give an understanding as to why certain events happen in one’s life, and the lessons that we are to learn here in this school of life.

Helping people to find their soul’s journey and to understand why things happen to them and why they follow the certain paths that they do is an important part of what I do.

We all need to make our own choices in life, and no one person has all of the answers to anyone’s issues. I am only to be used as guide on your path, as we all have free-will and things in life change through being made aware of them, attitudes and seeing two sides of a story. Spiritual guidance can help one to have an understanding of why things happen in certain situations. It can give a clear vision to one’s own personal responsibility and journey in life.

My husband Ken and I are Reverends and founders of the Church of the Australian Spiritual Lyceum in Toowoomba. We are affiliated with a recognised Denomination, which is registered with the Australian Government. Altogether, I have been a registered and recognised Reverend for over 20 years.

My greatest highlight and successes in my life are my wonderful supportive husband, our three exceptional children, my family and the many incredible friends that I have made throughout my Career and being able to be of service to others and the community. Currently, my oldest son, my husband and I have taken up singing and we are all enjoying it immensely. Music calms the Soul and brings in the most amazing joy. Yep, another child hood dream come true, lol.

Visiting the sick and dying in the hospitals and hospices as a Reverend and Pastoral Carer is also where being a Spiritual Healer can help those who need comfort during their difficult times.

I have had much success in grief counselling and allowing people to talk to those loved ones who may need to get a message across. Mediumship needs to have a sincere purpose from the person requesting the sitting, as it is not our place to disturb the Spirits unnecessarily. Mediumship is a wonderful ability to have and is a favoured area of mine.

To help people to understand psychic abilities (everyone has psychic abilities of some kind) mediumship and meditation, I hold Seminars and Workshops that are easy and simple to understand.


I do get asked a lot when someone’s loved one passes on, as to “WHY” they haven’t seen that person yet in Spirit? Don’t forget that there is a transition period from here to the spirit world and that the time of transition is different for everyone. Remember, that there is no “Time” in the Spirit World. Here’s the easiest way to explain it:

If you are not a practising medium or understand spiritualism, or the spirit world, then how are you going to recognise signs of your loved ones? It’s a bit like a musician who believes in their craft, but needs to practise to perfect their ability, or any other profession or creativeness. It’s called belief in the afterlife and through that comes Faith and through that comes understanding. If you have a busy mind and you are grieving, it is harder to connect with spirit. You need to be in quiet contemplation. Sit outside in the fresh air and nature and meditate.

Always, always, White Light your energies. (Spiritual Protection). Now, yes, everyone can meditate. We all breathe and meditation is highly focused on the Breath. If not outside, then find a very peaceful area inside, with no noise, so you aren’t disturbed. Learn to calm and try to do this when you rise and before you go to bed every day and anytime during the day to clear yourself of noise.

Then, close your eyes and take ten deep breaths, count in one and out one, up to ten and more if you need to. This calms down your brain wave patterns and allows you to centre and feel more peaceful. It also slows everything down to a peaceful state. Then allow yourself to see if you can feel the energies of your loved ones. Keep a daily journal and notice signs, like feathers, coins, birds, things that are not normal to you like number plates or thinking you have seen your loved one when you have been out. Keep a dream journal and write your dreams down and start to recognise any messages that you may be receiving. Read books on how to understand what happens when someone passes. In other words, open your awareness and remember, it can take time. Please never use a Ouija Board, as they are extremely dangerous and are often connecting to lower energies, particularly to the untrained person using it.

Here’s a beautiful personal story I’d like to share:

It was a lovely Sunday morning on the 13th September 2009. Dad was living with us at the time and we were sharing a lovely day together, talking and laughing as usual. He was 91 and still had a very quick mind and he certainly was no fool. We often spoke about Spiritual matters and especially as his time for passing over came nearer. My husband Ken and my beautiful children and my son’s family, were all very loving and understanding to my beautiful Dad.

Dad was having some powerful dreams a couple of weeks prior and they always consisted of his Mother and Father who had passed away in the 70’s. He knew his time was approaching and he had no fear of it at all. He believed in the Spirit world and encouraged me on my path from day one. Dad’s mother was a natural medium and both Dad and I had no doubts that it was a very real Spiritual contact with her and my Grandfather in his dreams.

As the day progressed, Dad wasn’t well, so we immediately took him to the hospital, which is about 2 minutes away from us. The whole time my husband Ken and I held Dads hand, by reaching behind us in the car and calming him until we reached the hospital. We were with Dad when he took his last breath 2 hours later and he passed away very peacefully.

Animals have an amazing sixth sense about them too. Two weeks prior to Dads passing, our dog Bear would not leave him alone and kept jumping on Dad’s chair and following him everywhere, which he had not done prior. On the morning of Dads passing, Bear sat in his chair when Dad got up and kept refusing to get off. Bear passed away in September 2011 and I often see him in Spirit with my beautiful Dad and it gives us a lovely feeling that they are together. Many of my medium friends have also seen my Dad & Bear since their passing.

The day he passed, Dad, my husband and I, saw my Grandparents standing right beside Dad for about 2 hours. We watched as they passed him over into the Spirit Realms and it was an amazing experience. The nurse with us cried, as I spoke softly in Dad’s ear on his last breath and said “Have a safe journey Dad”.

I was extremely blessed that I saw my Dad the very night of his passing; he gave me a sense of calm and serenity. There are times though, when he isn’t visiting us, as he has others that he visits too, but I know he is there whenever I need to talk to him, especially through mediumship, meditation and dreams. Yes, he too now is one of my Guiding Lights.

The Spirit World is a very real existence and if you want to connect with someone dear to you when they pass, you do need time, as not always will you feel them, as there is your grieving time also. Yes, they can come in meditation, dreams and in many signs, such as feathers, which represent the Angels and Spirits around us, as do coins, and birds, which represent the Spirit.

Here’s the saying that we found for Dad’s headstone and it says:-


Some Past Achievements

  • Before I became a Clairvoyant, I studied and worked in business and was in three commercials.
  • Being on the Ernie and Denise programme as a Clairvoyant was a lot of fun. On top of this I did a pilot for a morning programme as an Astrologer.
  • Working with the Toowoomba Junior Chamber of Commerce and the Institute of Finance numerous times as an invited guest speaker, was a great experience. I am also the first Spiritualist and Spiritualist Reverend in Toowoomba to be an invited guest speaker for the State Conference of the Queensland Wound Care Association, which was held in August 1996. One segment was on Pain and Meditation and the second segment was a demonstration on Clairvoyance and Mediumship.
  • After helping to find a missing aeroplane, I wrote for the Australasian Post magazine. It was an absolute enjoyment to write for them for 12 months. I had a full page each week where I was the magazines Clairvoyant. I would answer questions from people from various parts of the world. My mail was often well over 1200 letters per week.
  • As an Astrologer I have worked on two local magazines.
  • My field has taken me to some extraordinary places to meet some exceptional people, like the police, dignitaries, celebrities, a princess, sports stars, musicians, politicians and the famous. I have been in Newspapers many times about various achievements in my work.
  • In 1993, I was involved in the search for two young men after their plane crashed in the Blue Mountains, even though I was more than 1000kms away in Toowoomba. I had a vision the night after the pilot Scott Grezl, aged 21, and his friend Hamish Wallace, 19, disappeared while flying from Bankstown to Forbes to visit relatives. In my vision I saw the side of a mountain, a crashed plane and red and white markings on a wing. I couldn’t see any men inside the plane, so this made me feel that they had either jumped or climbed out of it. In my vision I saw the name OBER in white letters; I couldn’t see the last couple of letters. I knew I had to find these two young men, as time was very limited in finding them alive and this concerned me deeply. I was put in contact with Channel Seven Sydney reporter Peter Ford. I initially spoke to Peter while he was in a helicopter over the Kanangara Boyd Mountains. Peter and his crew were looking for the aeroplane and the two young men. While I spoke to Peter and gave him information on where they were in the helicopter, I was sitting in my lounge room in Toowoomba, over 1000 klms away. Peter kept a list of my descriptions of the area and marked them off as they flew past. I could foresee where they were flying, there were over 100 points taken, none of which I was wrong with. After this conversation with Peter, my husband and I flew down to Sydney to help with the search. Neither of us had ever been to the Blue Mountains before. The plane was later discovered just 30km south-east of Oberon in the Blue Mountains.
  • The bodies of the occupants were found close to where I had visualised them to be. In a newspaper article, Peter Ford said, ‘In a court of law there would be no specific proof of clairvoyance or the supernatural, but this was a series of unexplainable incidents which defied the law of averages. ‘I Pray that Scott and Hamish’s family’s know that these two great young men are at peace and have crossed over safely.
  • On another occasion, I was able to assist in the location of a local teenager who had been missing for two weeks. The young man had a problem with his father and had run away from home and hitched a ride to the Gold Coast. The mother brought me a pair of her son’s shoes, I held them in my hands and I felt for her sons’ energy and vibrations. I then had a vision of a beach and I recognised it as Surfers Paradise. I then saw backpackers and a motel. The boy, aged 17, was found at the motel and returned home unharmed.
  • Making appearances at other Spiritual Churches and centre’s as a Medium, Healer and invited guest speaker is always a great pleasure, as I know this helps people by putting them in contact with their loved ones.
  • About 21 years ago I started my radio career with 4AK Toowoomba. I was an invited guest for an afternoon, and because of the public response, I ended up having a weekly programme for several years.
  • I have regularly been on many radio stations since, including 4AK, 4WK, 4GR as an Astrologer and a regular guest on the morning programme. I have worked on the ABC radio, both locally and nationally, City FM, and also 4DDB. I had a four hour Sunday evening segment on Brisbane 4BH, where I talked about Spiritual matters, Clairvoyance and Dream Interpretation.  I have been a columnist with the Style Magazine in Toowoomba, where people wrote in to me with questions and I answered them through the magazine. Naturally though, I didn’t answer all of the letters, as there were just too many. The editor was fantastic to work with and was extremely professional and encouraging. I enjoyed writing the column, as it was a service where I could give spiritual guidance to those who may have needed it.
  • Currently I have two CD’s out, one on Meditation and the other on the Aura. At present I am working on my book and a CD on Psychic Abilities. I am also hoping to put a Children’s Meditation CD out.
  •  Don Talbot, who is an extraordinary author, has written many books about the Toowoomba and surrounding districts. Don has written two articles about me in one of his books called; More strange and unusual tales.
  • I appeared on Wife Swap Australia, where my husband and I were invited mediums into one of the houses to see what spirits were there and to cleanse the home. Even some the crew were a bit freaked out when we got there with the spirits in the house.
  • I work occasionally with my favourite radio announcer and good friend on 4DDB Toowoomba and enjoy it greatly.

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