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Personal Testimonials

I had been ill for quite a long time, with no results as to why. It was through a Healing with Kara that she went straight to my lower stomach area. She suggested that I go back to my Dr’s and ask for a scan in that area. I had no pain and went back to my Dr’s on her advice, thinking to myself, I must be crazy. 2 weeks later, I was being operated on for a lump in the stomach area, which was the beginning of cancer. Had I not have gone and seen Kara and followed up with the Dr’s, I really wonder where I would be right now. Kara you are undeniably the best around and myself and my family Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

~ Janine Waters 

After feeling very restless and extremely unhappy in my job and love life, it was when I visited Kara that she said quite blankly to me “What are you doing in a job like this” and I said “ I don’t know”. Kara looked into my Numerology and Astrology and guided me towards a business, which I commenced 6 months later and now, 7 years down the road, I am loving it and I am with the Love of my life. Thank you for your guidance and advice Kara.

~ Dean Anders

I have an autistic child, who my family and I were just overwhelmed with. Kara suggested that I try to teach him meditation, and getting a dog for him to give him a way of responsibility and sharing his Love. She also recommended a brilliant Doctor to me in my town, whom I went too and haven’t looked back since. I so very much Thank Kara, as she really showed compassion, concern and understanding in a situation that not many people really understood. You are the loveliest lady and I thoroughly enjoy my readings with you.

~ Gayle Masron 

In these difficult times with the economy and just life in general, when I saw Kara, she was so gentle and yet firm with me and really made me look hard at a few things. Thank you Kara, you have an amazing gift and you are a real psychic/medium. I appreciate you and your ability.

~ Jessie Heavers

I have attended many of Kara’s classes and workshops over the past twelve years and they have changed my life in a more positive way. Kara takes the time to help you to understand things in a very easy way. Thank you so much Kara for your Love, wisdom and knowledge.

~ Skye Purnell

I have been going to Kara for over 16 years now and she is just an amazing person. Her truth about things and not beating around the bush, have made me sit up and really look into myself at times and for this I really Thank her. I had a past life with Kara about 10 years ago and it was a real wake up call for the lessons that I needed to learn and understand. Through this, I have definitely become a better person for it, just ask my husband, lol.

~ Clair Beaumont

Just a short note to say thank for my wonderful reading today. You are amazing. Do you know you have been doing readings for me since 1994. Wow and you have always given me strength and guidance in this sometimes hard life. I wish you only the very best in you new show. Take care of you.

~ Kathy Jones xxx

At first I never believed in anything psychic or spiritual, let alone a medium, but after my wife had seen Kara, she convinced me to go and see her, which I did, reluctantly at first. Well, upon telling me that she can deal with sceptics but not cynics, I pulled my tongue back up off the floor and we proceeded. Kara spoke to my father who passed away 3 years prior and my brother who passed away 2 years ago. She never asked me one question, she just let them speak through her. I received answers that were worrying me and upon checking afterwards, Kara was incredibly accurate. How could she have known this information? It blew me out of the water and YES I am now a believer.

~ Carl Bronslow

Kara is just the best around and she is extremely accurate in her predictions. I have known her for about 18 years. I recommend her to the whole world. She is honest, kind and very sincere.

~ Amy Geraldon

I lost my brother 5 years ago and if it wasn’t for Kara talking to Peter in Spirit for myself and my family, we would never have got through our grieving. While we still miss him, she has made it a lot easier for us to cope with the grief. There is no way that Kara could have known the information that came through her mediumship. Kara is precise in what she says and helps you to understand why things happen, she gives you clear insight. She is one of a kind. Thank you Kara.

~ Julie Dunmore

A friend and I attended a workshop of Kara’s on psychic and spiritual development. We found it extremely enlightening. We walked away with a clearer understanding of spirituality and a lot of good information. Kara has a way of making you feel relaxed. The insight we received from her was just amazing. Kara is funny, friendly, witty and most of all very knowledgeable in her field. Thank you for a great day Kara.

~ Valerie McDougall

I had a lot of financial problems with my business and I saw Kara, who helped me through with her predictions and spiritual guidance. She helped me to see things more clearly. Bless you Kara.

~ David Tyler

My wife and I were experiencing marriage problems as a lot of couples do, Kara helped us to get through our issues and now we have better communication between us. Our marriage is still together and on much better grounds. We sincerely appreciate her.

~ Mervyn Goodman

I have met the most remarkable man and thanks to Kara, we are about to be married. She helped me to have hope and understanding as to why I was jumping from one relationship to another, and it was through this that I looked inside of myself and discovered who I really was. Now, I know I have found my soul mate, because I was ready to find him. Kara you’re a gem.

~ Sandra Brooks

My mum passed away several years ago and Kara has been the only Medium that I have been to who has really bought her through for me. She knew things that no-one else could possibly have known. Mum even told Kara where her missing locket was, which we found after I saw Kara. Kara you truly have a fantastic gift, and you are the most genuine person I have met.

~ Sue Kennedy

Kara made me feel that I had hope in my life and that I could turn a bad situation around. After loosing my job, family and house I didn’t know what to do. Kara, you helped me to turn things around for myself and now I am well and truly back on track. Thank you for your time and kindness.

~ Ian Thompson

I have hope now that my fiancé who was killed in a car accident made it to the other side. Kara gave me re-assurance after speaking to him for me. I feel that a big part of my pain has gone. You gave me answers that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Thanks Kara, you are a wonderful lady.

~ Melanie Jacobson

Kara is spot on. I was very sceptical at first, but I am now a believer in psychics and mediums. She bailed me up about my attitude when she first started to read me and I realised that she was right. When I remained opened to her, I had a reading that I will never forget. She has a great sense of humour and makes you feel at ease. She is also direct, but very nice about it. Thanks Kara. You are an exceptional woman with a very special ability.

~ Steve Holsworthy

Kara is very easy to communicate with; she is easy to talk to, funny and most of all, a very gifted and accurate Medium. She spoke to my Uncle who passed away in 2007 from an explosion. Kara helped me to come to terms with his death, and to understand the why’s to it. My Uncle gave Kara information that no-one knew, not even me. When I rang my mother after my reading, there were certain things that Kara told me that Mum confirmed. I had no idea about half of it. Pretty amazing stuff.

~ Jim Reid

I never really believed that I could meditate, but Kara taught me how to with her patience and perseverance. That was 4 years ago and now I teach my friends. It helps me a lot in my professional field of nursing. Kara is a very insightful person and has a real knack of knowing what you feel inside. She made me really see myself through meditation. This lady is nothing short of an earth angel.

~ Christine Newbury