Style Magazine

August 2011

To whom it may concern

It is my great pleasure to write a reference for Psychic Kara, who has been a columnist in Style Magazine for the past three years.

In my capacity as editor of the magazine, I invited Kara to write a monthly column because I knew just how well respected and popular she was within the community. I saw the column as an opportunity for Kara to present her views on spiritual matters, and offer some credibility to a field which is often regarded with scepticism and sadly, open to abuse by those will less integrity.

During those three years, I had no cause to be disappointed in Kara’s work. She always submitted tight copy by deadline, and was willing to focus on a particular area if I so requested. Readers also responded well to the columns, and before long, it became necessary to include a Q&A focus within the column to cater to reader demand.

Kara’s relationship with Style magazine was always professional, and I felt her work added an extra dimension to our publication.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her to potential employers.

Merryl Miller