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Medium Uses Her Powers To The Max


The Chronicle, Toowoomba

THE spiritual realm has stepped away from century-old criticism with Toowoomba spiritualist Kara using her psychic ability to help our very own police force.

Known simply as Kara, mysteries, murders and missing person cases have had new light shed on them. Working throughout the community, helping people to heal as well as finding the right path in their lives, Kara has spent years assisting international, national and local police with investigations.

“In 1997, there was a case involving an arsonist in Crows Nest, I went to the crime scene, walked through the building and could identify who the arsonist was,” she said.

“A lot of the police work I do is with missing children as well as murder cases. Because of police confidentiality, these cases cannot be discussed.

“Though one of the biggest things I am called in for by Toowoomba police is to investigate serious crimes.”

From birth, Kara has had psychic abilities with a history of spiritualism in her family.

“When I was young, I had to keep quiet about my abilities and be aware of what I told people,” she said.

“The problem with this industry is that there are many people who claim to be psychics or mediums, but they are not trained in counselling or know what can and can’t be said.”

Spending 15 years working alongside police, Kara is also a reverend at the Church of United Spiritualism of Australia in Toowoomba.

Kara said everyone has some form of psychic ability.

“It really depends on how people were brought up; my family was very open,” she said.

“Talking to spirits continually, I have been told by them that the biggest thing we must learn in our lives is how to deal with fear.

“It’s really about feeling the fear and doing it anyway.”

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